Friday 23 April - CrossFit Darwin Rest Day

WOW! What an awesome 'Helen' from everyone tonight. You guys rocked!! It is so good to watch you all getting stronger every week


  1. hey Kel whats the legacy WOD on Sat? Im intrigued....

  2. would it be a legacy WOD without burpees? I wouldn't think so.

  3. ...speaking of burpees WOD 23.04.10

    Three rounds of:

    25kg power-clean X 15
    Burpees (w p/u) X 15

    Luke: 5:06
    Phil: 6:16
    Carmen: 7:56

  4. Killer times Carmen's Crew! Nice.

    Great work on the fundamentals tonight Emma, Bev and Jamie. Tomorrow you guys lift and WOD. Feel free to come along and watch the 8am Saturday morning session if you like.


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