Thursday 15 Apr - Skills Session

We will learn a few new exercises tomorrow for an 'active recovery' session. This will include Turkish Get Ups, 1 Legged Squats and Muscle Up Progressions to name a few. You have all worked hard the last few days and have earned the rest!!


  1. Hey Kel did you end up getting more of those rollers? I'd like to get one from you..

  2. Yeah Streety - there are 20 sitting at Darwin Post Office waiting for me to get there in time to collect them! I should make it tomorrow. They are $23 each - cost price. I will let you know for sure when i have them so we can organise a pick up for you. How good are they?? I love to roll!

  3. Hey Kel, can you put my name on one of those as well?

  4. Apr 14 WOD aka Filthy Fifty:

    50 box jump
    50 jumping pull ups (push ups after 20)
    50 KB swing, 8kg
    Walking lunge, 50 steps
    50 knees to elbows
    50 push press, 15kg (10kg after 30)
    50 goodmornings (instead of back extension) 15kg
    50 full squats (instead of wallballs-no medball)
    50 burpees
    150 skips (instead of 50 double unders)

    Carmen: 25:07

    Caroline: 31:43

    Mel : 30:07 (less burpees)

    Luke: Wussed out

  5. Hey Kel,

    What is this roll you speak of ?

    BTW nice looking place, looks like heaps of space! so whens your opening games day?

  6. Ben Kennedy! So you are alive!! It's been a while.

    You should drop in Saturday morning at 8am - the filthy fifties are on. 34 Bishop St, warehouse 5. Bring Jess and Ryder too.

    The roll is just a hard foam roll for rolling out post wod - sane principles as trigger point.

  7. Wow Carmen, that's fast. We will be doing the filthy fifties at the box Saturday so you have set the pace!


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