Graduation Day

Smiles all round from the first group to graduate from the CrossFit Darwin Fundamental Sessions.

Now we can squat, press, lift and clean, and are ready for some CrossFit Workouts.
I have posted everyones time for our WorkOut of the Day (WOD) under the comments tab below.

Feel free to add further comments. Let me know how you are feeling. Sore? Pumped? Exhausted? All of the above?
The next fundamentals course will run this Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6pm-7pm at Kahlin Oval Cullen Bay. This course has to be done before you can become a CrossFit Darwin athlete and participate in the daily group WOD's. If you are interested in doing the fundamentals or would just like to know more email me at

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  1. The Graduation WOD

    3 Rounds for time
    400m run
    20 Box Jumps
    15 Med Ball Cleans

    Steve-10:23. 5kg med ball
    Paul-11:04. 5kg med ball
    Rich-11:25. 8kg med ball
    Annie-13:23. 5kg med ball
    Kell-14:02. 5kg med ball
    Connie-14:54. 5kg med ball


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