CrossFit Darwin Fundamentals 2

CrossFit Darwin fundamentals two kicks off on Friday at 6 pm at Kahlin Oval. On Saturday, there is a skills session focused on cleans at 0800 - 0900 followed by a WOD 0900 - 0930 we will finish of with some foam rolling after that. All Saturday's activities are at Kahlin and are free.

In so far as the box goes it looks like it will be operating in the week after Easter ,watch your email for updates !!

I know for some people that CrossFit is simply an effective an efficient fitness methodology and that's cool. There is an extraordinary amount of thinking and science behind the methodology and it is a fascinating showcase of a cross disciplinary thinker, CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman. Once the box is open I will be inviting one of the other level one trainers in Darwin to talk more about the CrossFit methodology for those of you who are interested. In the interim here is the link to the seminal CrossFit journal article "What is fitness" , drum roll please. Enjoy.

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