Saturday 21 Mar - In 35 Mins - 1K Run, 50 KettleBell Snatch (24/16), 40 KettleBell Thruster, 1K Row, 30 Dumbbell Box Step Up (22.5/15), 20 Dumbbell Squat Snatch, 50/35cal AirBike, 10 DeadBall Over Shoulder (60/40), 5 Wall Climb. In any time remaining AMRAP - HollowRock

CrossFit Darwin’s current stance on COVID-19
Are we going to close? Only if we are made to.
Personal hygiene is your number one priority at the gym. We have plenty of soap, paper towel, surface wipes and other cleaning products. Use them like there is no tomorrow. Wash your hands often. Use surface wipes on the toilet, taps, equipment and any shared surfaces both before and after use. Don’t get too close to people, don’t touch people. Avoid the chalk bucket, (I have been secretly wanting to enforce that for years!) Over reacting is better than trying to be cool. Don’t be embarrassed to go overboard. I encourage it. If you are sick don’t come in. Stay at home for the greater good. If you are unwell or have an immune deficiency and cannot come in we can loan you equipment, we have plenty, just send me an email.
 If any changes occur I will keep everyone updated on our courses of action. Until then stay strong and healthy.

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