Tuesday 28 Mar - Death By..... Front Squat (60/40). Box Jump Over

That concludes the 2017 CrossFit Games Open. To all who competed, judged and cheered, thank you. 
CFD has participated in The Open since it begun in 2011. It is the best and most important part of our year for many reasons. Having members achieve things they have never tried before is empowering to the individual and inspiring for the rest of us to witness. For those who have worked hard all year, turning up every day, learning new skills, increasing strength and working on weaknesses - the open is your chance to showcase that work and you all did that so well. Being able to watch Sammy achieve world class results is a privilege, those Friday nights were memorable. 
It's back to regular programming. The first couple of weeks will feel like something is missing. Now is when the 2018 open begins. The hard work you put in from today will be the results you achieve next year. Thanks again to everybody who registered this year, I know how much courage it takes and you should all be proud of that alone.

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