Sunday 21 Feb - Open Gym 2-4pm

This year we will run the open as we have in previous years. 
Mon, Tue and Wed will be regular programming. Thur will be an active recovery day with a good dose of mobility. Friday will be a keep the body moving day with nothing too strenuous. 
The Open WOD will be released Friday morning by CFHQ. The times to get that WOD done will be Friday night from 6:30pm. Saturday 8am or 4pm. Sunday Open Gym 2-4pm. There is also the Monday 7pm option - this session is only if you can't make it to any of the others. 
Doing the WOD once is highly recommended, however, if you think you are likely to want to repeat I recommend getting it done Friday night, resting Saturday then repeating Sunday. There will be no repeats Monday night.

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