Monday 24 Aug - 'Nate' - 20 Min AMRAP - 2 MuscleUp, 4 HandStand PushUp, 8 KettleBell Swing (32/24)

Compare to 8 Oct
Gymnastic WOD - Every 3 Mins For 15 Mins - 2 Strict PullUp, 10m HS Walk, 10 Pistol
NorFit 2015 #2 is on Saturday 12th Sept at CFD 
All the WOD's have been released on the NorFit Facebook page. They have been designed for maximum participation so whether you are an experienced CrossFitter or brand new to the sport you will be able to enjoy a supportive, friendly, competition environment . If you decide competition is not for you then please feel free to volunteer as a judge/helper on the day.

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