Tuesday 7 Jul - 3 Rnd - 30 Sec MuscleUp, 30 Sec Rest, 30 Sec Power Snatch(40/30), 30 Sec Rest, 30 Sec Row, 30 Sec Rest, 30 Sec PullUps, 30 Sec Rest, 30 Sec Dumbbell Push Press (15/10), 30 Sec Rest

 Skills WOD - 15 Min AMRAP - 1 Rope Climb, 3x Hand Stand Walk Attempt, 30 Sec L Sit Hold.
A great result for CFD with Aaron and Sammy both taking first place at NorFit on Saturday. 
The real winner's though were everybody who competed, from all of the CrossFit gyms in the NT. CF TopEnd have once again done an excellent job at hosting a fantastic day, that was thoroughly enjoyed by everybody. A huge thank you to Kwow, Salli and Justin for judging, without the judges the day couldn't happen. Next NorFit is Saturday 12th Sept at CrossFit Darwin, put it in your diary, don't miss it!

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