Saturday 4 Jul - 'Hopper Deck' - 8am Session Only Today

 NorFit is on today at CrossFit TopEnd. It is the Territory's biannual CrossFit competition open to all NT CrossFitters, new or experienced, young or old. If you have not entered as a competitor come down anyway and check it out. Spectators yelling out their support makes the day a lot of fun! See you all there, 8am - 3:30pm
There is no 3pm session today (come to NorFit instead....)
Hopper Deck is a deck of WOD cards. One person blindly chooses a card and reads out the WOD. If everyone agrees to it then that is the WOD. If 1 person in the group says 'no' then everyone does 10 burpees and another card is selected. Burpees will continue until everybody agrees. You can only say 'no' once. 

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