Saturday 13 Dec - 2 Rnds - 1 Min KettleBell Swing, 2 Min Box Jump, 3 Min WallBall, 1 Min SumoDeadlift High Pull (32/24), 2 Min Box Step Up, 3 Min MedBall Clean. 3 Min Rest

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the Dragon Boat Regatta. If you would like to participate then be at Cullen Bay, (the Khalin oval side) at 10am (with $15 to register). There are 10 people to a boat. If we get 20+ people there will be 2 teams, If we have between 10-19 then we will cycle people through as there are a few races over 4 hours. Feel free to turn up even if you haven't put your name on the whiteboard, the more we get the better! This is a fun event and gives us a chance to use our fitness outside of the gym. Do it!

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