Saturday 8 Nov - 'Trans Tasman Challange' - 3 WOD's Revealed on Arrival.....!

 This is one of the best days on the CFD calendar.
The 3 WODs have been designed by CFD and MaD CrossFit in Welllington NZ, to suit all levels, even those people who only finished On Ramp on Thursday night!
How it works - Team CFD will complete the WOD's here, Team MaD will complete the WOD's at their box in Wellington. At the end of the day everybody's score will be entered into a live google doc that will calculate an overall winning gym, based on individual results. So come on in, make your score count on ensuring we win the mighty Trans Challenge Banner (pic) to hang proudly on our wall for 1 year.
Both the 8am and 3pm sessions will take around 2 hours to get everyone through the 3 workouts. It's okay if you can't stay for the entire time.
Utter Nutter will have a Pop Up Store providing us with delicious treats, cracker fat coffee and icy pops at the 8am session.

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