Friday 20 Jun - 2 Rnd - 1k Run, 10m HandStand Walk, 50 SitUp

This Saturday CFD will be holding a 4 person team comp with The US Marines. 
Teams will be made up of 2 CFDers and 2 Marines, or as close as we can get to that ratio.
There will be 3 WOD's, starting at 8am and finishing up around 10am. 
It will be followed by a breakfast BBQ from 10am (bacon and eggs)
Utter Nutter will be there from 8am with Bullet Proof Coffees and delicious healthy treats.
The WOD's have been designed so that EVERYONE will be able to participate. 
The movements are kettlebell swings, wallballs, lunge steps, rowing and shoulder to overhead. 
Due to the comp 3pm Saturday will be an Open Gym, not a coached session.
So come in, get a few workouts done, make some new friends and have a free breakfast!

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