Saturday 15 Mar - Open WOD 14.3 - 8 Min AMRAP - 10 DeadLift (61/43), 15 Box Jump, 15 DeadLift (84/61), 15 Box Jump, 20 DeadLift (102/70), 15 Box Jump, 25 DeadLift (125/84), 15 Box Jump, 30 DeadLift (143/93), 15 Box Jump, 35 DeadLift (166/102), 15 Box Jump

The WOD will be briefed at 8am. Heats will kick off at 8:15am. If you want to get yourself in an early heat be there early. Doors will open at 7:30am. Same goes for the 3pm session, doors will open at 2:30pm
Utter Nutter will be back serving us delicious guilt free treats but this week it gets better. They will also be serving bullet proof coffee at the 8am session. Just what we need to give those box jumps some extra bounce!
11 Mile has an intro session today at 10am, if you have any friends interested in starting CrossFit send them out to 2/104 McKinnon Rd, Pinelands

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