Saturday 1 Feb - 'Partner Rep for Rep' - 3 Min AMRAP of each of the following - 1 x Rope Climb, 20m Bear Crawl, 15m Sled Push, 20m Tyre Drag, 1x Tyre Flip, 50m Sprint, 100m Row

Intro Session at 10am Today
You will go rep for rep for 3 Mins, with your partner, before moving onto the next station. There will be 2 mins rest to transition between exercises. 
This weekend we have a number of athletes in Sydney competing in the Again Faster All Stars Comp. Best of luck MJ, Megan, Tash, Sammy, Adam H and Adam B,  also to the 11 Milers, Trent, Dan K, Fintan, Dani, Kiaya, Tasha and Jade. 

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