Friday 8 Mar - Open WOD 13.1 - 17 Min AMRAP - 40 Burpee, 30 Snatch (35/20), 30 Burpee, 30 Snatch (62/35), 20 Burpee, 30 Snatch (75/46), 10 Burpee, Max Reps Snatch (96/55)

Rune, visiting from Denmark, will be joining us for WOD 13.1. How good is a worldwide community!
Burpee includes reaching to a target 6" above your max reach at the top of the rep. 
Don't be discouraged by the heavy weights posted for the Snatch, you will continue to score reps until you can no longer lift the weight or until time expires. All you need is 1 burpee and you have a score to submit!

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