Friday 22 Mar - Open WOD 13.3 - 12 Min AMRAP - 150 WallBall, 90 DoubleUnder, 30 MuscleUp

Compare to 16 Mar 2012
WallBall standard is 20lbs/10ft for guys and 14lbs/9ft for the ladies.
Don't be discouraged by the inclusion of MuscleUps in this WOD. Just one WallBall and you are on the scoreboard, lets get through 150 of those before we worry about Double Unders and MuscleUps!
This Saturday the morning WOD will be a 5k run with the Blood, Sweat and Fears organisers (8:30am start). There will be no 8am WOD at CFD, 3pm will still be on. The 5k Run details are here.

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