Saturday 22nd Dec - 'Choice Day'. Choose one of the following WOD #1 - 'Karen' - 150 WallBall. WOD #2 - 150 Burpees. WOD #3 - 'Murph' - 1.6k Run, 100 PullUps, 200 PushUps, 300 Squats, 1.6k Run

Today you can choose what time domain you work in. WOD #1 will take 12mins or less. WOD # 2 will take 18 mins or less and WOD #3 will take 30-45 mins. 
'Murph' should be done in a 10kg weighted vest, the reps can be partitioned as required but not the runs. If you like the look of 'Murph' but don't like the look of the distance or reps it can be scaled to a '1/2 Murph'

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