Monday 27 Feb - 5min AMRAP #1 - 10 Max effort pulls on Rower, 10 SitUps. #2 - 10 KettleBell Swing (32/24), 10 KettleBell Sumo DeadLift HighPull (32/24). #3 - 10 Thruster (40/30), 10 Box Jump. #4 - 10 PullUps, 10 PushUps

Each AMRAP is 5 Minutes. There is a 2min rest between each. Score is total reps (row is for calories).
If you have not yet registered your burpee score on the CrossFit Games site do it now, they have to be in by 10am monday morning.


  1. Twas an awesome pilates class from saturday where the photo was taken. Looking forward to this session tomorrow kel!

  2. thanks for letting me drop in yesterday! it was great to meet so many new people - what a great atmosphere at crossfit darwin! i look forward to getting to know y'all even better when i move here! see you around. ~Steph

  3. Thanks so much Steph, that is nice to hear. The atmosphere is a little crazy at times, especially at the 5 and 6pm sessions! I am happy you liked it and look forward to you guys training here soon.


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