Tuesday 12 Apr - 10min AMRAP - 3 Muscle Up, 7 Burpee, 9 Squat

 LIFT - 1RM Snatch


  1. WOW I'm flying!!!!

    Hey great job on yesterday's WOD guys! SOOOOOoo many PR's!

    And how about the Games WOD #3!! WOW Marnie, Linda and the Kels your all AWESOME!!

    My warm up today was tabata rounds of pushups, situps, squats and DU's. Then my WOD was 10 burpees - 25m run - 9 burpees - 25m run - etc - 1 burpee - 25m run - time: 5:48.

    It's a bit nippy in Newcastle atm, can't wait to come back up to the Darwin heat!

  2. I know Mel, cool photo of you mid flight!

    Kel S did the 50kg Clean and Jerk as a PR! Of course Linda and Marnie were amazing. Heaps of the guys did awesome work on the 75kgs too - Matt, Cody, Michael, Brook, Trent, Sam and John

    Nice WOD - did you do that at CF Newcastle or on your own?

    We can't wait for you to get back here either!


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