Sunday 3 Apr - Open Gym 2-4pm

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Open Gym will be at the new CFD - 4 Mirambeena St, Darwin, next door to Darwin Crash Repair.
 Come on down and check out the new place!
The help I received from all of you guys today, both moving all the equipment and setting up at the new place was out of control amazing! Heavy lifting, floor laying, bathroom scrubbing, wall painting - I can't believe how much we got done in one day - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.


  1. Hey Kel,

    Hope the move went well, we both wish we could have been there to help.

    Cant wait to see the new place when we get back!

    - Aaron G

  2. Hi Aaron and Amze,

    The move went incredibly well thanks to all those form CFD who gave up their Saturday to help.

    The new place is amazing - 20 lifting stations compared to 6 at the old place, 2 bathrooms with showers, a higher ceiling for the Big Ass Fan so it works better, a running track 10m from the front door, walking distance from the CBD and more roller doors for greater air flow! You guys will love it so hurry back!


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