Wednesday 9 Mar - 'Swinging Annie' 50-40-30-20-10 Double Under, KB Swing (24/16), SitUp

 Compare to 3 Dec


  1. Yay!! Nice call Kelly, love this WOD! Don't hold me to that in the morning though!! - Marns

  2. Hey Kel its pretty damn exciting that you are moving shop to a bigger and better location, can't wait to see photos once you're settled in.

    We are only 4weeks away from finishing up in the rocky mountains of Canada, then its off to America for our road trip with the parents (Dad will be sporting some extra crossfit shirts when he gets back), then onto our Certs. So pumped!

    - Aaron G

  3. Hi Amy and Aaron. I really wish I was cruising the US with you guys doing certs and visiting affiliates!! By the time you guys get back here there will be some work at CF Darwin for both of you!


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