Wednesday 16 Mar - 3 Rnds - 400m Run, 50 Double Under

LIFT - Press
If you would like to compete in the CrossFit Games Open click here and Register as an Athlete. CrossFit Darwin is a registered affiliate for these games. When the WODs are released (1 a week for 6 weeks, starting this week) I will determine if we can 'opt in' (equipment dependent). Those registered as competitors will enter their results on line for a chance to qualify for the Australasian Regional Games.
Even if you don't see yourself as a chance to qualify register anyway - it costs $5 and it will be fun to compare your results to everyone else around the world who has registered. For more info click here


  1. Hey Kel,

    Awesome WOD today (well its Tuesday here). Amy and I did it in an underground parking lot where I have measured out a bunch of different distances (100m, 200m, 250m, etc)

    Run 3km together (Amy and I) - Time: 17:58

    Max Double Under in a row
    Me- 160(PR)
    Amy- 56(PR)

    3rnds for time of:
    Run 400m
    50x Double Under
    Me- 7:19
    Amy- 10:49

    Spring is almost here so the days are getting longer and warmer, and its been around 0 degrees lately, thats T-shirt weather!!

    Keep up the good work.

    -Aaron G

  2. Hi Aaron, thanks for posting, I always love reading about what you two are doing - your WOD times are smoking!! So I guess your max double unders in 2mins would be at least 200 now - 160 in a row is pure awesome!

    T shirt in 0 degrees?? You guys are Eskimos!


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