Monday 21 Mar - 21-15-9 DeadLift (50/30), Front Squat (50/30), Split Jerk (50/30)

CF Games Scoop - For those who don't already know the CF Games website experienced a few dramas this week - people could not register. CFHQ have decided to extended WOD 1 out another week. WOD 2 will not be released until Monday 28th March. We now have until next Sunday night to submit WOD 1 results.


  1. YAY YAY YAY.. i can still register and do WOD 1 (i was all annoyed cos thought missed out) and im feeling MUCH better. Im so happy :)

  2. Hey Kelly!
    How many members do you have now? We REALLY miss Darwin! R U competing in the games again?
    -Ian and Ame

  3. Hi Ian and Ame

    We have 82 members and are growing weekly. It constantly amazes me how well CFD is going and how awesome all of the people here are. We move to a bigger space in 2 weeks and to a much better location!

    11 of us have done Games WOD #1 so far but I will be trying to convince many more this week.

    How is CF Yokohama going? Stay safe over there you two, I am thinking of you.

  4. Hey Kelly, thats great news!
    CF Yokohama is on hold as we have taken refuge in the USA until we get some clarity on whats gogin on there.
    Sadly, it looks like we may not go back to Japan...


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