Thursday 20 Jan - CrossFit Total - 1RM Back Squat, 1RM Press, 1RM DeadLift

The top 3 totals to beat from last time!
Compare to 19 Oct
A reminder CFD is closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday this weekend and next. All memberships will be paused over both weekends.


  1. There have been some changes to the board already - and there are still 4 afternoon sessions to go! Everyone who has done this before PR'd this morning and not by just a few kilo - by a huge amount. Nice work morning crews!!

  2. Hey Kel, sorry I didnt have time to call in and say bye before I left town. I have now settled in ACT and started work, also tracked down a CF gym (CF B32).

    However, I would just like to say a BIG THANKS for introducing me to CrossFit, following your WODs and using my rings and Aqua Bag when I'm away from the gym. Thanks again.

    P.S. Amy/Aaron I will upload my first MU to you tube soon.


  3. Total: 170. Backsquat: 60, press: 20, deadlift: 90.


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