Monday 3 Jan - 4 Rnds - 7 Hang Power Clean (40/30), 10 Burpees

Hi Bruce, great tyre flipping pic!
The details for the Darwin Australia Day Fun Run can be found here. CFD will be closed that morning (Wednesday 26th) and I hope you will all be at the fun run instead! All afternoon sessions will still be on. So you could run in the morning and WOD in the afternoon - sweet!!


  1. Hey Kel!

    Aaron and I did this WOD today at the 'globo' gym.

    Aaron - 2:50 Rx'd
    Amy - 4:20 Rx'd

    I also did my 3RM of Front Squats and got 55kg.

    Aaron got his December Anywhere Fit Pull Up Challenge posted on Blair Morrison's site today! Check it out!


  2. Heavy front squats Amy - power house!

    Aaron's WOD time is mad!!


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