Monday 27 Dec - Tyre Jump, PullUp, Walking Lunge, Toes To Bar, Back Extension, GHD SitUp, WallBall, DB Hang Clean(15/10), Burpee, Double Under

Rum Medballs and Kettlebell by Mel!
1 minute at each station, 1 minute rest between each station. Total reps is score.
CFD is Open Mon-Thur this week for all 7 sessions each day!

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  1. Hey Kel
    Loving the rum medballs & kettlebell!

    I did the 12 days of Christmas work out from the CF Tallahassee site for xmas. OMG have you done it before? It was hard. But at the same time it was cool coz you were singing '12 days of Christmas' the whole time!!

    Time: 14:23

    PS Aaron is buying a 24kg KB today! The shop is about 1.5hrs away but the guy is driving it to us coz he does deliveries out this way during the week! SWEET!


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