Thursday 11 Nov - 'Annie' - 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Double Under, Sit Up

Compare to 16 Aug
Some light reading from my friend Justin at CF East Sac here . This is one for the strong guys who still choose to 'muscle' the bar up rather than use technique!
Happy Birthday today to mum!!


  1. I miss crossfit so much! There are mo weight here in coral bay, no gym. So I just have air diving tanks and the road oh an the skipping rope you lent me. Oh and shit loads of sans dunes. So did my longest run since I've been here 9 mm in 55 mins. But still miss crossfit. Still on the hunt for a crossfit buddy may post it on the community board lol there are only 150 people in the community so should find one lol

    Katrina graham

  2. Hey Kelly, How is evryone and hope you are all having fun and training hard. Have got a good gym set up here at my patrol base and are managing to get some good wod's as Jay has set up a Crossfit board here and is giving us WOD every day. Will post some photos of workouts once i learn how to download my photos. Took a while to get climatised to the thinner air here. Well say hello to everyone and don't let Katrina get too good otherwise she might beat me.

    Bruce Morris

  3. We miss you too Katrina G! Are the dive tanks as good as our weighted vests??

    Great to hear from you Bruce and good to know Jay has taken control of the CF situation over there! We would definitely love some photos of you guys to post on the CFD blog. Katrina M is getting faster and stronger every week - I guess you heard about her latest 5k PR! You will be asking her to slow down next time you guys run together! Say hi to Nick, Jen, Yvette, Trudi, Aaron, Jimmy and Matty from everyone at CFD.


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