Sunday 26 Sep - Open Gym

 Relay for Life was a great success!! Luke, Marcus, Michael, Paula, Jacinta, Tanya, Liam and Jasmine saw the night out while Linda, Alana and Stuart called in to cut a few laps for the team! Amazing efforts from you guys. Here are the results - Luke - 152 laps, 60.8k, Marcus - 71 laps, 28.4k, Michael - 59 laps, 23.6k, Paula - 54 laps, 21.6k, Jacinta - 50 laps, 20k, Tanya - 31 laps, 12.4k, Linda - 17 laps, 6.8k, Stuart - 14 laps, 5.6k, Alana - 6 laps, 2.4k. The CrossFit Darwin Baton did 255 laps of The Gardens Oval - thank goodness it was a piece of pvc not a barbell as suggested by a few people!

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  1. no excuses for the half marathon next year!!!
    Every one can cover the distances:)


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