Friday 24 Sep - 10 Rnds - 5 Burpees, 10 SitUps, 5 PushUps, 10 Squats

Jay in NZ - this does not look like a work trip!! Hope you guys are having fun over there and doing handstands at every opportunity!
A reminder that Friday afternoon and Saturday morning sessions are canceled for this week. If you need something to fill that gap in your life join us in The Relay for Life at The Gardens Oval from 6pm Friday.


  1. Best of luck for all of you guys doing the Relay for Life. Hope all goes well and maybe you could throw in some burpees...


  2. Thanks Damien - pity you could not have been here to keep Luke company on his attempt to run the entire relay non-stop!! I will let you know how he goes - we think he can do it!

  3. Good Luck Luke thinking of you.

    All over those handstands now (well I get my legs off the ground now)


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