Run 800m, 21 PullUps, 21 RingDips, Run 600m, 15 PullUps, 15 RingDips, Run 400m, 9 PullUps, 9 RingDips

Who would be keen to do the Relay for Life 24th Sept? We need a team of 15. 14 people have to say yes as I have already registered a CrossFit Darwin team! Don't make me run laps of the Gardens Oval all night alone!!


  1. Well, I guess I will be available then. Im not sure what this entails but Im up for it.

    Michael Finelli

  2. Yay Michael!! You're in, I will explain it all when you get here - now to find 13 more....

  3. Kelly I am and I think Jake would be happy to join as well ;) -this is if you haven't filled your team yet~


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