Friday 13 Aug - Skills Session

The day I have been dreading has arrived - Jay and Kell are off to NZ for 3 months.
I am sure they have been looking forward to it but I will miss them! Jay and Kell have been CrossFitting with me since the Park WOD days (Kell was in our first group of six). These two have transformed from normal people to CrossFit Machines!! How did this happen - Consistency!
Kell and Jay have been super consistent since day 1. They walk into CFD everyday and go as hard as they can in every WOD. The gains they have made have been obvious to all. They are stronger, faster, fitter and have the best muscle tone EVER!! They are an example and inspiration to all of us.
The other reason they are so 'awesome' is because they took the 6 Week Paleo Challenge months ago and have never looked back! I am very proud of you two and hope you have a great time in NZ visiting all the CrossFit Affiliates over there - oh yeah - and doing some work with the NZ Army!

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  1. Cheers Kel, Will send heaps of photos back of my attempts at hand stands (in the snow so it won't hurt as much when I fall).. I keep forgeting that we are heading over to work...


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