Sun 25 Jul - Closed

Practice - Hand Stands
WOD - Darwin Half Marathon - 5k or 10k Team or 21k Individual
Good luck CrossFit Darwin runners!!
Let me know how you all go on comments


  1. Was a good run this morning , started to get fairly warm towards the end. Finished in1.44. Happy with that but still room to improve.
    Hope things are going well in the U.S and see you in a week.


  2. That's awesome Luke, great time!! Warm in Darwin?? No way!!

    So how did everyone else go?

  3. Well done to everyone who participated,in the Darwin Half Marathon, especially the guys'n'gals who did the individual and double team events - my 5km contribution hurt enough (after 6 weeks injured), so a great effort from them.
    Huge thanks to all our friends who ran representing 'CrossFit Darwin' and raising funds for 'Mission Australia' - you are legends!
    I'll email Kelly some photo's, shame we couldn't get a group one before people had to disappear but got some good 'uns though! ;-)

  4. Was a good run. Did 51.50 for the 10.5km. Have to say I haven't done any running specific training at all for the last 6-8 weeks except for the xfit workouts and I have cut 40secs off my BFA time and the run today felt easy (should have done the 21km)even with sore legs from the 400mt lunge workout. Jay and Kel, you girls did great. Great run Luke, Paul, and everyone else. Have to say the good runners are fast but they look like they have the upper body strengh of a mouse. Would rather be slower but have upper body strengh. Have fun in America Kelly.

  5. Well we got home and jumped straight in an ice bath!!!! Hips, knees and legs are killing. But we did finish with only a little bit of a walk at the end......

    Jay - 2hr 25min
    Kel - 2 hr 7min

  6. I managed 1 h 53 min, which I am happy with given I had abdominal surgery 20 days ago :) Feet hurt but am otherwise ok. I had jelly baby dinosaurs in the front pocket of my shorts for energy, but they got all hot and stuck together :-D

  7. Just happy to see the finish line...


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