Tuesday 18 May - Clean and Jerk - 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

A much better start to the day than a bowl of cereal.
Great Paleo/Zone/Nutrition discussions at the box tonight - a 6 week trial, it is all I ask!


  1. wow does look hell good!!! too hard

  2. Okay I am gonna give it a go. Am I allowed natural yoghurt? Any other none egg breakfast ideas would be appreciated please.

  3. Emma,
    cool, some people say Paleo = no diary, however I don't really hold the same belief. The 'no diary' people say that Paleolithic man didn't domesticate animals and therefore had no milk. I say that was his loss !! Cows seem pretty real to me so diary in moderation is cool. Anything or any 'diet' must be simple and easy to stick with. You will get most of the benefits of Paleo by eating lots of vegetables and lean meat, fruit and nuts and some dairy if that what you like. Like anything some products are better than others - check the labels good yoghurt has protein and carbohydrates in about the same amounts. Processed, sugar added yoghurt has 5 to 6 times the amount of carbs relative to protein Bacon is okay !! cottage cheese is an amazing protein packed dairy product that is great with fruit. We don't need to make our lives difficult with food choices - hence my less restrictive outlook.

  4. Couldn't make it 2nite sorry but what was on the plate above; Avacado, Tomato & ...Tuna Omlette?? Looks better than Cornflakes whatever it is!! :)

  5. 80 kg clean split jerk.
    tried for 90 but not today, sorry james dean

  6. Kel = 45kg

    Jay= 47.5kg... cleaned 50kg after a thousand attempts but no way was it going above my head

    This Paleo is a real challenge.. the fat truck comes to my office door twice a day...

  7. Glad to see you guys eating paleo and or zone paleo.



    I noticed the dairy issue has come up so here is some info that is supported very well in the paleo community and has alot of clinical studies backing up suggested hypothisis

    Too many people tout milk as a healthy food, and it’s easy to see why with all the marketing going on saying how milk is such a fantastic calcium source. In fact the marketing for milk and dairy products is so high that many people don’t even know what other food sources contain calcium. Here is a small list;
    Sesame seeds, Flax seeds
    Almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, pecans and most other nuts
    Green leafy vegetables i.e. spinach and broccoli
    Salmon, sardines

    Hope this has been of interest

    Good luck with the challenge and we look forward to seeing you guys at the "CrossFit Territory Games day" in late June.

    Brendan Southwick

  8. "Mad Ella" 42.5kg :)

  9. I am HUGELY impressed with everyone's Clean and Jerks tonight. Hard to believe that for most of you guys it was the first attempt at them. Those who have done these before all got PR's tonight - not just small improvements but massive ones! Heaviest 1RM's were Marcus with 90kg and Jen with 60kg! Awesome efforts.

  10. Steve- 80kg. Failed at 90kg twice then did 80 again. Maybe should of stayed a bit lighter to try and keep a bit better form.

  11. Was an awesome wod to watch awesome form from everyone!
    Pb of 70kg

  12. Annie 9.10 Rx'd

    WOD 2 - 40 min patrol order run with runners,Ouch, I don't think my hammies will be the same!!

  13. Wal: 45,50,55,60,65f,62.5f,60
    Stu: 45,50,55f,52.5,57.5,60f
    Cazz: 25,30,33f,32.5,33,35,37.5f
    Shorty: 25,30,33,35,40,43,46f
    Carmen: 30,33,35,40,43f,42.5f,42.5


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