Saturday 01 May - 70 Burpees, 60 Sit Ups, 50 KB Swings, 40 PullUps, 30 HandStand Push Ups

What?? The same WOD as 2 days ago but in reverse? When you vary all the time then not varied is variance....if you know what I mean


  1. This way round should be interesting, get the burpees out first but then pushing out HSPU at the end will be a killer.. Bring it on!!

  2. p.s. today Sub 500 x 45 pound Sumo deadlift high pull for 5km row, thought it was a good idea untill halfway where my wrists were numb!
    Time - 19:55

  3. 50 X KB @ 1.5 pood = 1 poo. Note to self, wear nappy.

  4. 500 SDHP - woah, now I want to do that!

    Nice Carmen, 24kg KB is heavy! no wonder...

    So no comments about the new wall??

  5. CONNIE :
    Ok so let me say that I will be wearing a nappy with Carmen - also I will be needing a tissue because I am a crybaby!

    Jake has soccer on Sunday arvo- can we work all of his fundamentals today? sorry about the short notice-

  6. Jay,
    Nice wall Kel..It does look great!!
    That WOD 2 times in 1 week not so great, I bled for that WOD..

  7. Ame - 14:47
    Jay - 15:08
    Kell - 17:40
    Bruce - 18:56
    Carmen - 20:13
    Connie - 21:04
    Ian - 22:24
    Steve - 23:03
    Katrina - 17:10 (scaled reps)
    Jamie - 12:09(scaled reps)

  8. But so worth it Jay - look at that killer time!!

  9. Yeah I agree, I just compared my time from the last one... it was a little quicker:)


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