Monday 26 April - 5 Rnds - 20 Double Unders, 15 Knees to Elbows, 10m Weighted Overhead Walk

The new CrossFit Darwin floor


  1. Kel - new floors look AWESOME!! Now I wont feel so bad when I drop the kettle bells!! :)

    Weighted overhead walk - can't wait.

  2. Floor does look good. Hope it is extra absorbent to soak up all the sweat from the WODS. Floor does look lonely though!! Maybe needs the Big Arse Fan to keep it company?

  3. The Fan is on its way... it really does exist...I swear!!

  4. Connie - that looks awesome :)

  5. Thanks Connie, the rubber floor is so we can fall more dramatically after a WOD! No really it is so Carmen can drop kettlebells from above her head!

  6. Results....
    Ian - 60kg, 11:07
    Rich - 50kg, 11:40
    Bruce - 50kg, 13:20
    Ame - 35kg, 10:13
    Kell - 30kg, 10:10
    Ella - 30kg, 10:10
    Jay - 30kg, 11:17
    Emma - 15kg, 13:49
    Katrina - 15kg, 14:04


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