Monday 05 Apr - Run 1600m, Rest 3 min, Run 1200m, Rest 2 min, Run 800m, Rest 1 min, Run 400m

Jay gets under the bar for the Push Jerk during Fundamentals on the weekend.

After a day of resting and eating chocolate eggs it is time for Monday interval training!


  1. Have just spent a weekend in Sydney eating rubbish and not training, cant wait to get the family home for some normallity and get back into training!!

  2. Intervals - the perfect post Easter come back. You should bring the family down to watch you suffer through them!

  3. Did you do these today? If you did I will go out now and catch up.

  4. Results from Running WOD
    Jake-6:59/5:18/3:37/1:33 Total 4k time = 17:27
    Steve-6:59/5:39/4:00/1:37 Total 4k time = 18:15
    Rhi-8:12/6:49/4:22/1:53 Total 4k time = 21:16
    Kell-8:34/6:28/4:27/1:49 Total 4k time = 21:18
    Rich-8:22/6:41/4:27/1:55 Total 4k time = 21:25
    Jay-8:34/7:10/4:41/2:07 Total 4k time = 22:32
    Connie-9:13/7:33/5:00/2:14 Total 4k time = 24:00

    My maths is not amazing, if I have made a calculation error let me know and I will amend!


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