I don't know how to do the olympic lifts - is CrossFit for me?

Okay, but I do/don’t want to bulk up?

Can’t I do just one part of Crossfit?

Are there any lower intensity activities?

Is this like bootcamp?

What should one eat?

How do I signup?

Do I have to do paperwork?

I don't know how to do Olympic Lifts. Neither did I and I learnt the hard way. When I first found Crossfit I was nowhere near a CrossFit affiliated gym and I spent a lot of time trying to learn the Olympic lifts from reading and watching videos – it was hard work and took a long time. Only when I started attending affiliates did I realise that these fantastic power building exercises are much easier to learn with a qualified coach.

Okay, but I do/don’t want to bulk up? Crossfit does not subscribe to changing body types it only recognizes ‘stronger/weaker’ or ‘faster/slower’. The body’s physical appearance is a functional of many variables exercise and diet are but two. If body image worries you then trawl www.crossfit.com/ and look at the types and shapes of people who Crossfit.

Can't I just do part of CrossFit No. By excluding parts of the program you will not develop general physical preparedness which is the purpose of the program.

Are there any lower intensity activities ? Interesting question, there are certainly activities where the intensity is divided into much smaller time increments. For example 7 1 rep maximum deadlifts only takes about 7 seconds work in total but that is 7 seconds of maximum effort. Crossfit Darwin also invests a lot of time in skills training and education, these sessions or periods are low intensity.

Is this like bootcamp ? No, its Crossfit. Crossfit Darwin is not really in the business of disparaging other fitness programs. We would prefer you do bootcamp than do nothing. I will be happy to discuss key differences further in person.

Do I have to sign up straight away ? No, firstly you will need to attend a free introduction session to decide if you would like to sign up for a membership. The date of the next introduction session can be found back on the home page.

What does one eat ? Crossfit supports a Paleo/Zone diet if these terms are not familiar to you Crossfit Darwin provides nutrition information and advice. This said we are not a weight loss clinic, ‘heavy/lighter’ is not one of measures of success.

Do I have to do paperwork ? Yes. The documents you will be required to complete are:

Athlete profile. The purpose of this is fairly obvious but I will highlight that understanding your prior exposure to physical training is particularly important to me. I also need to be aware of any heath concerns or injuries that may prevent you from doing certain exercises or effect your ability to work out at a particular level of intensity. Your contact details are also important so I can ensure you are aware of any time or venue changes if required. We will also discuss some of these points in more detail after you have completed the form.

Waiver. There are more risks of injury in here than in your normal commercial facility. Think of this like a sport, you'll get nicked up from time to time. There are also major risks like broken bones or death if we ramp up too fast or forget your mechanics. Overall, the benefits far outweigh the risks and it's our job to help you learn to use your body as an effective tool. I also wish I knew what you were feeling, but we can't all the time. Start slow, ask questions and make sure you get your answers. But the burden of responsibility for taking care of your body falls on you. We also like to post people, pictures and results on our website, you signing the waiver lets us do that.